Monday, March 28, 2011

My love of collecting Junk

I have always loved collecting junk.  It is now called collectibles but when I started out as a kid it was called junk.  Now this is the mid 1950's and mondays was trash day.  Today mondays is still trash day.  Somethings never change.  I was just a kid and I wasn't even in school yet.  I couldn't wait for trash day.  I would tell my mom I am going trash can picking and off I went.  Everybody's trash can was a treasure trove of goodies.  After a while people knew what I was doing and they left me some pretty good goodies.  Some of my most treasured items I found were a gorgeous 1940's lucite purse. It is a rare one and very highly collectible today.  One day on one of my adventures I opened the metal trash can to find it full of grass.  Someone had just mowed their lawn and sitting on top of all of that grass was a pile of jewerly.  Necklaces and braclets.  They were beautiful.  Another treasure was a 1800's glass butter maker.  You put cream in it and turn the handle and whip it until it turns to butter.  The list goes on and on.  I still have all of treasures today.  To this day I love to go looking for junk.  It is not trash cans anymore but the old thrift stores. 

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