Monday, March 28, 2011

My mother started my collecting of junk

My mother always was collecting something but her big thing was rocks. The year is 1954 and the movie The Long Long Trailer had just come out staring Lucille Ball and Desi... Arnaz. In the movie Lucy's character collects rocks all along their journey across the country to have a memory of every place they visit. She wants to built a rock garden in the end when they put their trailer in its new home. My parents went to see the movie. They loved it. They saw it in the big theatre in Milwaukee. So from that moment on untill my father died everytime they or we went somewhere you guessed it my mother had to pickup a rock. My dad use to tell me how my mother always made him stop the car on the highway to pickup a rock she saw by the side of the road. When I was cleaning out mothers house I found rocks in the sunroom, basement, boxes of rocks, and outdoors. There were rocks all over. Big rocks Little rocks. I never new how many rocks there were in that house. I couldn't throw them out. They meant so much to her so I arranged them all outside.  My daughter Jessica and her husband Sean now live in mothers house and when Sean was doing landscaping in the backyard he moved the rocks around. I was frantic I asked him you didn't throw out the rocks did you. He replied NO I could hear your mother yelling at me from her grave not to touch her rocks. But he did curse at her about having to move all of those darn rocks. He did make a nice rock garden in the front and back and without him even knowing it, he put some of those darn rocks back in there original spot in the front yard. Several months ago I watched the movie The Long Long Trailer and it hit me where my mother got the idea of collecting rocks. I never put it together until now the correlation between the movie and my parents house of rocks. It was a memory of my mothers and fathers life of travels.

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