Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The acorns at Grange

Ok gang I can't let the day go by without a story. This morning before we left for the dealership I took Helmsley out to the backyard. He found a really big (about the since of my pointer finger) catapiller. It was pretty ugly. Clear gray, icky. It was crawling next to the house on the sidewalk and I felt sorry for it so I moved it to the tree. It made the catapiller happy and he started digging in the dirt. After I did that it brought back memories to when we all worked at Grange. Remember how the side yard had all of those oak trees. Since I am always picking up something I found these really huge acorns so I brought some inside and sat them on my desk. Several weeks passed and when I came in to work one morning the top of my desk was covered with maggots.  Yes maggots. I am sure I screamed.  It turns out that maggots live inside of acorns and after they mature they make a little hole in the acorn and come out. I haven't picked up acorns since. I don't know how many of you remember that, but it is funny now. It wasn't at that time.

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