Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The blue haired crazy lady that lives next door

I have this next door neighbor and to protect the crazy lady we will call her Hazel. So lets set the stage...I live on a dead end street second house from the corner. There is a cyclone fence on the dead end so there is no way to get out. Now I was out walking and looking out across the road, Hazel came out of her house and told me that I needed to be careful, why? because there is a lot of major drug activity that goes on in here. HERE we old people. Yes she sees them. It seems the drug dealers ride their bicylces (yes I said bicycles) up to the fence then throw their bikes over the fence and then climb over the fence. That is how they deliver drugs on bicycles and get in and out of our community. What kind of drugs Viagra?  Hey we are old people. Hazel also said she has reported it but the Sheriff's Dept, but they won't do anything about it. Having just moved here I knew it sounded crazy but I figure I better check it out. So I went to the Sheriffs Dept and told them my story. The sheriff just laughed and laughed and just shook her head. I told her who my neighbor was and she laughed harder. Oh she knew Hazel quite well. My neighbor Hazel is a crazy lady.

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