Friday, April 8, 2011

Blue Haired Old Lady And Her Shopping Cart

Today I went to Winnie to pick up a few things and I parked my car next to entrance drive. Next to the drive is a grass area and has curbs on both sides. So your car bumps up next to the curb. The entrance drive is shaped like a T. The main drive in and the long drive in front of the stores. When I came out of Winnie there was the classic blue haired old lady standing in a empty parking stall 2 spots from the end of the row with her cart of groceries. The cart was bumped up against the curb. When I was walking past she asked me are you parked in this row? I replied yes I was. She explained she did not know what to do. You see her cart could not go any further because of the curb and her car was parked on the other side of the entrance drive. She asked me if I would mind standing here and guard her cart while she walked over to the other side to get her car. I said sure so I stood there like a fool with my groceries and her cart of groceries in this empty spot while she walked over to get her car all the while turning back to make sure I did not run away with her groceries. She did come back with her car and get her groceries. She was very thankful. I really did not have the heart to tell her, you know could have just walked around the corner with your cart to get to your car.

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