Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Funny For The Day...........Chipmunk in the basement

The chipmunks have now awaken from their winters nap and they are busy scurring around the backyard once again.  It brings back a funny story of what happened last fall.  One Saturday morning when I came back from grocery shopping the cats were busy staring at the garbage can in the kitchen.  I thought now what did they find the usual spider?  So I moved the can and out came a chipmunk running running at full speed the the 2 cats hot on his trail.  Now how did it get in my kitchen.  The only thing we could think of was the back screen door didn't close all the way so in he came.  That little guy ran around then finally he ran down the basement.  Since we have a lot of storage and stuff in the basement he had plenty of places to hide.  The cats kept a vigil on him at all times so we knew where he was.  But he was too fast for the cats to catch.  I wanted him out of the house but I didn't want to hurt him.  His mate would sit outside and chip chip talk to him all the time and he would answer back.  We went and bought a live trap for him to be caught in but he was too smart for that.  After a day I just plain said I am not going to have him die on my watch so I set out a dish of squirrel food which they love and a bowl of water.  He was very happy and ate everything.  Yes I kept feeding him.  Our tv room is in the basement and when the cats got tired of waiting for him to come out and went to sleep the little chipmunk would come out and sit and stare at us as if to say get me out of here.  By Monday morning we were all getting pretty tired of this.  I could talk to Chippie and he would answer me back  so I would know he was still alive.  I found him sitting in the basement by the one window one day and I said now why didn't I think of that so I opened the window.  But he just ran away from the window and went and hid again.  I didn't realize the window was too high for him to reach.   Finally on Wednesday he looked at me and ran to a new window and just sat there.  That was the window he could reach and get out of.  So I got busy and opened all the windows he could reach.  I then went outside and sat with husband to watch and wait.  The widow was on the driveway side and we figure he would come around into the yard and head straight for the squirrel food.  Within 5 minutes here came Chippie just dragging.  He was walking so slow.   He was tired.   He went through a lot being in the basement for 5 days.  He ran up the fence and along the top until he reached the squirrel food and there was his mate.  It was chipmunk happiness.  They just squeeled with delight and kinda hugged. They then began busy chip chip talking and she then started yelling at him as if to say why did you scare me like that.  I thought I would never see you again.  Like I said Chippie has now awoke from his winters nap but I don't think he will ever try to get in the house again.


  1. This reminds me so much of our squirrels we had on the back porch for over 5 yrs. The girls at work had squirrels as the theme for my retirement party with a real squirrel hat.No matter what we did we couldnt get rid of them until we spent over 1000 dlrs to have someone come out and set traps on roof. 7 months later when we returned from vacation, there were 2 in the traps chirping away. Now we had to find a way to get the traps off the roof. They can only b in the trap for no more than 24 hrs. We finally found a friend to remove the traps and we took them out in the woods far from our house and let them go.We still get a few but nothing like it was before. Our dog goes nuts when he hears them back there

  2. this reminds me of when we had squirrels for over 5 yrs on our back porch. No matter what we did we couldnt get rid of them. We finally pd over 1000 dlrs to set traps on the roof. 7 months later after returning from vacation there were 2 in trap chirping away. They can only be in the trap no more than 24 hrs. We finally were able to get a friend to remove the traps from the roof and we took them far away from the house and let them go. We still have a few now and then but not anything like we had before. Our dog goes nuts every time he heard them out there.