Thursday, April 14, 2011

Harriet lives in the elevator

When mom lived in Villa St Anna an assisted living place in Racine there was a lady there named Harriet. Harriet was very confused lady that did not talk. She could but didn't. Everytime I went to visit mother there was Harriet in the elevator. No matter when I visited there was Harriet in the elevator. Finally one day I asked one of the aids do you know there is a lady in the elevator. The aid explained that Harriet thinks she lives in the elevator. One day when I went to visit mother she was complaining that she could not see. Mom just got new glasses but was having real trouble seeing. This went on for several weeks and thinking mom will adjust to her new glasses. One day when I went to visit mother there was Harriet in the elevator. I just looked at Harriet....she was wearing mothers glasses. I went to mothers room and just looked at her, the glasses were just about the same. I told mom I know why you can't see, those are not your glasses. Harriet is wearing your glasses. I took mothers glasses and went and found a aid. I wasn't going to do this myself. The aid was like Harriet can I have your glasses and so the switch was made. The aid asked Harriet can you now see and she made a big smile. She still lived in the elevator but now she could at least see the elevator. Mom could see again which made everybody happy. We don't really know how the switch happened we think it happened when mother got her hair done.

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