Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Official Husband will sleep through anything

It is now official. Husband will sleep through anything. Since there are no tornado horns down here daughter gave us for Christmas a first alert weather monitor. Husband is asleep in his lazy boy and right behind him on the end table is the first alert. It first sounds the horn warning then the man comes on to let us know we are under a tornado warning. I go to check it out and there he is sleeping. He misses the whole thing. I guess when he wakes up and finds the house gone he will know he missed it. So why am I typing. I am told there is not much you can do until you hear the sound of a freight train. When you do you head to the shower. Yes we have to stand in the shower stall.  Husband if he wakes up, me, the dog and the 2 cats.

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