Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Keep the ear buds out of your ears

Now I am still in the park looking up in the air at the blimp. My friend is in the park with his 2 little tiny chiwawa dogs when I see this hawk come flying and swooping down right at his 2 little dogs. I start screaming at him THE HAWK THE HAWK. I am screaming and running to scare away the hawk. I get to the man who is wearing a baseball cap and looking down at his phone. He looks up at me and takes out his ear buds and says I am sorry I did not hear you I had my ear buds in. I said to him...you stupid man didn't you see the hawk go after your dogs? His reply NO. Oh now he is worried about the dogs after I chased away the hawk. The hawk stayed up in the tree just watching since we were now aware of his presence. Moral of the story....keep those ear buds out of your ears. On a foot note....Keith was out in the back yard yesterday working and a pair of morning doves was watching him. They need entertainment too, when the hawk came flying down and got one and flew away with one of the doves.

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