Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My pleasant day turned poopie

My day started out very pleasant. I had a nice day running errands. On my way home my check engine light came on. Since we have a 2 day trip ahead of us, it needs to be checked out. Well....I called the Subaru dealership to make an appointment and was told tomarrow is there last day. They are closing. Now nice. So the next dealership is in Gainsville or Leesburg. Thats a long ride. I was told that the Volvo dealership will be taking over the Subaru repairs within the next couple of weeks. I called the Volvo place and he is not set up yet but he could put the car on his diagnostic and it would give us some idea what is going on. The mechanic for my car does not start until next Wednesday. My car does have the extended warranty but they are not set up to take it yet. This just keeps getting better and better. So tomarrow I go to Volvo. I called Subaru in my owners manual and was told yes I can go to Gainsville that is fine but hey what do I do when I get there and they need to keep my car. The dealership is over an hour and a half away. How do I get home. Back to Volvo yes if they can fix my car that is fine. I must pay for it and send in the papers for reimbersement. Now think about this...if it was at a Subaru dealership I would not have to pay anything now I am only going to get reimbursed what the Volvo dealership is going to get from Subaru and then I have to pay out the Volvo costs. This stinks. I have a case number etc so it should turn out ok. But here is something to think about...what happends if they need a particular part and they don't have it and can't get it because the parts come from Japan. They will probably call to Wisconsin to get the parts. :). The Subaru plant is in Indiana. So now that is over with for the mean time. After dinner Helmsley and I go for our walk. We are in the park and he needs to take a dump. He poops I scoop. It is windy out and I scoop up the poop in the plastic bag....the wind whips the plastic bag around and the poop falls out and goes plop right on top of my foot. Yes I am wearing sandals. But like every good mother I have kleenex in my pocket and clean off my foot. So my pleasant day turned into a poopy day.

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