Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nancy Saw Her First?


Ok this story will be especially funny to my fellow AT&T workers....In october i was outside in the backyard and I looked at the telephone ped in my yard and coming from the ped was a big long black cable. It came from the ped wrapped around it and the bush and then went through the fence. I thought hum was the phone company working in my yard and I didn't see them. Being the nosey old lady that I am I went over and bent down to get a good look at the cable. It was as round as a quarter and it was the funniest looking cable I ever saw. Oh wait it has wasn't a cable it was a black snake. It was just laying there and I thought poor dead snake. So I looked through the fence and there staring back at me with those beady eyes was the snake. It was not a dead snake. He was a big long much alive snake. I ran into the house to get me camera but he left so no picture. Nancy saw her first snake.

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  1. Wasn't there a cable called "Anaconda" like the snake?