Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh No Not "The Animal Planet"

On Mother's first stay in the nursing home she had a roommate named Dorothy. She kinda knew what was going on but for the most part she was a space cadet. Mother at this time did not have her own television because it was a rehabilitation stay and she was getting out soon. Dorothy did have a television and it was in the middle of the room so they both could see it. The only problem was Dorothy only watched one channel The Animal Planet. It was on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mostly the same programs over and over again. If you tried to change the channel when she was sleeping she would turn it right back on. When I came to visit mother I would say do you want to go out to the sitting room? and she would answer YES. It drove mother absolutely crazy. She could not take it one more minute. Which in its own strange way was a good thing. Because mother would get in her wheel chair and speed pedal with her feet all the way around the building and not just once. Many, many trips around and around. Because of that she regained her strength to go back to the assisted living. But to this day I cannot stand to watch The Animal Planet. Bad Juju's.

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