Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stupid Old Woman Story

Today I went grocery shopping at Walmart and when I went to checkout the lane that I picked had a customer with groceries on the belt checking out. (almost done) Then behind her was a EMPTY shopping cart. Then there is me. (so far following the scene) Now in the main Walmart isle (Hangning around batteries etc) are 2 couples chatting away. Remember no one is ahead of me except a EMPTY shopping cart. I move up to start putting my items on the belt when one of the ladies standing in the main isle moved in ahead of me and said there are 3 other people ahead of you. I am thinking to myself WHERE are they invisible so the lady turns to one of the couples standing in the main isle and said are you ready to check out? What they are now done talking. The man said yes so I moved back a little and he moved in ahead of me. Now I am looking at the woman like she is totally crazy when again she says there are more people ahead of you. Ok again invisible people. Now this just getting too much for me so I decided to move on to another lane. I moved down about 5 lanes and I am now pulling into another lane when this stupid old woman jumps in, in front of me. NO SHE DOES NOT HAVE A CART. Ok now I want to run her over with my cart. I finally had it and screamed at her....will you make up your mind what lane you want to be in and stay in it. She yelled back at me...you don't have to be such a smart ass. It turned out...SHE WAS SAVING SPACES IN LINE FOR HER FRIENDS.....I REPEAT SAVING SPACES IN LINE FOR HER FRIENDS. What are we in grade school. I really did not believe this happened and all I could think was I have to tell you guys this one because you are not going to believe it.

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