Thursday, April 14, 2011

Way Too Many Dogs

The couple on the other end of the block have 5 dogs. I think they are over their limit. The husband does dog rescue so that is why. Their latest addition is a beagle named Eagle Beagle. If you have ever owned a beagle or known someone with a beagle you know they are very noisy dogs. Tonight while we were out for our walk we passed the house and all 5 started barking like crazy. On the way back from the park we had to pass the house again but this time the lady was outside with a squirt bottle and everytime one of the dogs barked she would squirt it with water. The lady was turning around and around, squirt, squirt squirt. Everytime a dog barked it got squirted and with her trying to squirt 5 dogs all running in different directions was one of the funniest things to see. Then she yelled to me....DO YOU WANT A BEAGLE. Not really, been there done that. Dedicated to Miss Lady Dog our sweet little gone but not forgotten beagle.

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