Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Left Me

Today I had to go and get my mammogram and while I was sitting in the little room waiting for the lady to come back it remined me of the time I went to see my doctor.  I was his last patient of the day.  I was taken back to the exam room and undressed and sat there with the little paper gown on.  I waited and waited which seemed like a eternity.  Finally after quite a long time I decided to go out wearing my paper gown mind you and find out what is going on.  When I left the room I got the shock of a lifetime.  The office was dark.  The lights were turned off.  I am like hello....and a nurse came out from somewhere and just looked at me.  She said what are you doing here.  I am waiting for the doctor.  She explained that the doctor had gone home for the night.  WHAT...they had put me in the room and forgot about me.  HE LEFT.....they did apologize and told me to come back 1st thing in the morning.  The next day I returned and again taken back to the little room, undressed and now wearing the paper gown.  Time went by and again out into the hall I went.  I said to the nurse where is the doctor?  Oh he is not here yet.  NOT HERE YET...what in the heck am I doing then sitting in the little room wearing this paper gown.  By now I have lost all patience I had.  I was assured he was coming.  About a hour later he finally came into the room.  He had to deliver a baby.  He apologized for everything and ever since that day he was so very nice to me.  I was not charged for that office visit.  The doctor has now retired and at last count he was 94 and living in Arizona. 

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