Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sellers on Ebay who list items as "Antique"

This is one of my pet peeves that really irritates me.  I like to shop on ebay and I just want to scream when sellers list items as "antique".  You look at the time and it is from the 1970s.  It makes me want to bang my head on the wall.    Are sellers just that stupid that they don't realize that antique means 100 years old or do they think buyers are just dumb enough to believe them.  I like this one a just looked at a t-shirt and the seller listed it as vintage 1970.  HELLO the business didn't open up till 1991.  Do your homework people.   I was just looking at a piece of jewerly and the seller listed it as "Antique".  If she would have done her homework she would have found out that the necklace was made to look antique or vintage and it was sold at Kmart a couple of years ago.  Sometimes I just want to email the seller and say...you are just a lying piece of .....In turn I would like to email the buyer and say you just got ripped off honey.  I want to know does anyone else have a pet peeve with sellers who list items as "Antique" when they are clearly not. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Funny For The Day............I Have Pee Anxiety

I finally got a part time job and now before I can start I have to go have a drug test.  This is my first ever drug test.  They act like your a big time druggie.  Coat over there, lock up your purse, everything out of your pockets.  The lady then gives me the key to where I had to lockup my purse and says put it in my pocket.  I told her now I have something in my pocket and you just told me to take everything out of my pockets.  Boy if looks could kill.  She did not find that funny at all.   Now wash your hands no soap (how clean can my hands be with no soap?) what is wrong with that picture.   Then they give you this giant cup and tell you to fill it and I do mean fill it.  Oh and you can't flush the toilet.  Have to note here the tank of the toilet is covered in duck tape and it would take a Army to remove all of the tape. Well I have pee anxiety and can't pee on command and I can't pee into a cup.  Can I have a funnel please then I could at least pee in something bigger than a cup.   So here we go, ok I fill it up half way.   I was told to put the cup on a scale so they would weigh it.  I am thinking how much weight did I loose.  The lady just gave me the evil eye and growled at me...I told you to fill it.  I told her be happy that I filled it at least half way.  I have pee anxiety and can't pee in a cup.  Again more evil eye.  She did not think I was funny at all.  I am really wondering is this part time job at is really worth this kind of treatment from the guard of the pee.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The wild 60's painted house Flower Power

Many of you have heard me tell this story of how back in 1967 my parents were going to have the house sided and the day before I decided to paint a little flower on the house. (The little flower is the one next to the front door).  Hey it was the 60's.   Well the other neighborhood kids saw me doing this and they decided to join in.  They went and got paint and ladders and before you know it my little flower is now out of hand.  Above the front door in glow in the dark paint was the words  Nancys Hole.  Yes it glowed in the dark and you could see it from a block away.  There were giant peace signs and flowers and sayings.  Oh yes and on the side of the house was Roger is a hot hot hotdog.  It really was something to see.  My parents didn't really mind because as I stated the house was being sided the next day.  Well mother nature had other ideas.  You see it rained and rained and rained so the house stayed that way for about 3 weeks.  The neighbors were not really happy because of the traffic of endless cars driving passed to see this wild house.  I am not going to tell which one is me in the picture.  I will let you have some fun in trying to pick me out.    I know up to this point you all thought I was just telling you a good story about the painted house but here is the picture to prove it.  It made the front page of  The Journal Times.  Also for you history buffs my parents house is a 1927 Sears and Roebuck home.  For security purposes I did block out the address.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Funny For The Day...........More funny sayings from the 1930's

Here are more funny little saying from my mothers autograph book.  You have to remember when they were written they were coming off of the roaring 20's where we get 23 skido.

If I were a bunny as soft as fluff,  I would sit upon your dresser and be your powder puff.

When you get married and your husband gets cross,  pickup the rolling pin and say I am boss.

Needles and pins, needle and pins, when you get married all your troubles begin.

When you get married and have twins, come to me for safety pins.

Vegetables are green, roses are red, I am writing this so you can remember me when I'm dead.

When you get married and live by the lake, give me a piece of your wedding cake.

When you get old and cannot see, put on your specks and think of me.

When you are old and want to get married, do not marry a man who is a flit.  Marry a man who will mend his shirt.

There is still more in this little book but these last 2 were written by mom oldest and dearest friends they were sisters.  They remained best of friends their whole lives.   In fact the only one still alive is Ethel Mae and she came to mothers funeral. 

I love you a little, I love you big, I love you just like a little pig.   Mildred  Greene

I thought and I thought, I thought in vain, at last I thought I'd sign my name.  Ethel Mae Greene

The Funny For The Day.......If You See A Monkey In A Tree...........

I was going through some out junk of mine and found this school autograph book that belonged to my mother.  It starts out with the year 1931.  Mom would have been in 5th grade.  This is a my box of old junk so how did my mothers book get in it.  I have never seen it before.  Now it is a few days before Mothers Day and I miss her a lot so I was thinking of  her when I found her autograph book.  I opened it up to the page..."If you see a monkey in a tree, pull his tail and think of me.  I do believe our loved ones send us signs after they are gone that they are still with us.  Mom knew I was missing her and sent me this sign.  You really don't have to look hard for signs, our loved ones give them to us all the time.  Just open your heart and eyes and you will be amazed to what you will see.