Friday, May 27, 2011

The Funny For The Day............I Have Pee Anxiety

I finally got a part time job and now before I can start I have to go have a drug test.  This is my first ever drug test.  They act like your a big time druggie.  Coat over there, lock up your purse, everything out of your pockets.  The lady then gives me the key to where I had to lockup my purse and says put it in my pocket.  I told her now I have something in my pocket and you just told me to take everything out of my pockets.  Boy if looks could kill.  She did not find that funny at all.   Now wash your hands no soap (how clean can my hands be with no soap?) what is wrong with that picture.   Then they give you this giant cup and tell you to fill it and I do mean fill it.  Oh and you can't flush the toilet.  Have to note here the tank of the toilet is covered in duck tape and it would take a Army to remove all of the tape. Well I have pee anxiety and can't pee on command and I can't pee into a cup.  Can I have a funnel please then I could at least pee in something bigger than a cup.   So here we go, ok I fill it up half way.   I was told to put the cup on a scale so they would weigh it.  I am thinking how much weight did I loose.  The lady just gave me the evil eye and growled at me...I told you to fill it.  I told her be happy that I filled it at least half way.  I have pee anxiety and can't pee in a cup.  Again more evil eye.  She did not think I was funny at all.  I am really wondering is this part time job at is really worth this kind of treatment from the guard of the pee.

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