Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Funny For The Day...........More funny sayings from the 1930's

Here are more funny little saying from my mothers autograph book.  You have to remember when they were written they were coming off of the roaring 20's where we get 23 skido.

If I were a bunny as soft as fluff,  I would sit upon your dresser and be your powder puff.

When you get married and your husband gets cross,  pickup the rolling pin and say I am boss.

Needles and pins, needle and pins, when you get married all your troubles begin.

When you get married and have twins, come to me for safety pins.

Vegetables are green, roses are red, I am writing this so you can remember me when I'm dead.

When you get married and live by the lake, give me a piece of your wedding cake.

When you get old and cannot see, put on your specks and think of me.

When you are old and want to get married, do not marry a man who is a flit.  Marry a man who will mend his shirt.

There is still more in this little book but these last 2 were written by mom oldest and dearest friends they were sisters.  They remained best of friends their whole lives.   In fact the only one still alive is Ethel Mae and she came to mothers funeral. 

I love you a little, I love you big, I love you just like a little pig.   Mildred  Greene

I thought and I thought, I thought in vain, at last I thought I'd sign my name.  Ethel Mae Greene

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