Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sellers on Ebay who list items as "Antique"

This is one of my pet peeves that really irritates me.  I like to shop on ebay and I just want to scream when sellers list items as "antique".  You look at the time and it is from the 1970s.  It makes me want to bang my head on the wall.    Are sellers just that stupid that they don't realize that antique means 100 years old or do they think buyers are just dumb enough to believe them.  I like this one a just looked at a t-shirt and the seller listed it as vintage 1970.  HELLO the business didn't open up till 1991.  Do your homework people.   I was just looking at a piece of jewerly and the seller listed it as "Antique".  If she would have done her homework she would have found out that the necklace was made to look antique or vintage and it was sold at Kmart a couple of years ago.  Sometimes I just want to email the seller and say...you are just a lying piece of .....In turn I would like to email the buyer and say you just got ripped off honey.  I want to know does anyone else have a pet peeve with sellers who list items as "Antique" when they are clearly not. 

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