Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Fuuny For The Day.....Mr Bill My Father In Law Ghost Story His Teeth

If you read my previous blog you found out that my husbands father is deceased and now a ghost.  If you didn't read it you should as it will give you insight into this story.  My father in law never met my daughter but that never stopped him in the after life from pranking her.   My stories are true.

My father in law had false teeth and when my husband and his brothers and sisters were little he loved to wait until the lights were all out and the kids were in bed he would tip toe into the room and with a flashlight under his chin make this real scary face.  His mouth would be open and when the kids would scream he would click his upper false teeth and they would drop down into his mouth.  It would make the kids scream even louder and run from pure fright.  It was a scary horrible sight to see.  When the grand kids started coming he would play that prank on them and of course get the same reaction.  By the time my daughter was born Mr Bill was already deceased so she never got to see his teeth trick.  When daughter was in grade school she was digging around in my closet and something fell off the top shelf and hit her in the head and landed on the floor.  When she looked at it she screamed and went running out of the bedroom.  What was on the floor was small plastic box which had opened up and laying there next to the box on the carpet was her grandfathers teeth.  Her father and I had a good laugh.  Of course she is like gross mom how come you have grandpa Bill's teeth and what are they doing in the closet.  Don't worry Mr Bill was buried with his teeth.  This was a spare set of teeth.  What they were doing in the bedroom closet I do not know.  He had been dead about 12 years now and when he passed we weren't even living in this house.  All of his things were packed up and gone along time ago.  As I had stated before even in death her grandfather was not going to let a little thing like being dead stop him from playing a prank on his granddaughter.

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