Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Funny For The Day................Strange

Today I went to the gas station and after I got done filling my tank my receipt came out.  I looked at it and it was really weird looking.  It has all of these letters and figures on it.  Percents, degrees, temperature, stats etc.  I finally decided to take it inside the station.  I said to the man I bet you I am the only person that will ever ask you this....I said do you need this?  He looked at it and said YES...it was the readout from the gas tanks.  It was telling him how much gas was left in each tank, the pressure in the tanks,  the rate it dispensed the gas and so on.  He did give me a proper receipt and thanked me for giving it to him and said yes you are right you are the only peson that has ever said that to me.  Only me, but it was funny to see.

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