Thursday, June 23, 2011

TV Show Reviews................Haunted Collector is the WORST tv show

I love Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures etc but the new show Haunted Collector has to be the worst tv show ever about paranormal activity.  The host John is so dull and his dialogue is so predictable I could just scream.  The home owners in the show are  fake and they pretend to look scared about whatever object that is the home that is causing the paranormal activity.  As they plead Just Get It Out Of Here.   You can tell the show is staged and scripted.  It is a joke.  I sat through the first 2 episodes wanting to pull my hair out and last nights show I finally had enough and turned the show off.  If you are going to have a show like this at least pick a host with some carisma and not have the show so .....there is no other way to put it except the show really really stinks and it is horrible.   This is a show I will not be watching.

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