Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 6 1968 The flags are flying half staff for my dad

June 6 1968 is a special day for many reasons.  First you have D Day, the day Robert Kennedy died and it was the day my dad died.  When I was little every sunday on the way home from church we would go by the Eagles Club.  If someone had died they would always fly the flag at half staff.  To honor a prominent person that died during the year you can always find the flag flying half staff.  What is so special about it is my dad always said and he said it alot "when I die I want all the flags flying half staff for me".  My dad always kept his word and sure enough when he passed on June 6 1968 all of the flags around the country were flying half staff.   It is hard to believe it has been 43 years since that day but come tomarrow all of the flags will be flying half staff in remembrance of my dad. 

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