Sunday, June 19, 2011

My dad and his white socks

On this Fathers Day I will tell you a funny story about my dad.  On Sundays when we would go to church all dressed up and daddy in his new black suit he would put on white socks with that black suit.  It made my mother so mad.  She tried to hide those darn white socks but every Sunday he would find them and put them on.  One day mother got made and threw out all of his white socks.  He was then forced to wear the black socks.  It turns out my dad did not know the socks were white he just knew they were his favorite socks to wear with the black suit.  We found out my dad was color blind and didn't know the white from the black.  When I was cleaning out the attic at my parents house a couple of years ago I found the box with the white socks in it.  Yes I still have that box.  Those white socks really make me laugh.

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