Monday, June 27, 2011

The Funny For The Day..............My father In Law Mr Bill is now a ghost

After my last post about the worst show ever Haunted Collector I have decided to share some of my own Ghost Stories.  My stories are all true.  The year is 1981 and my father in law Mr Bill was dying of cancer.  He was living with us and my husband took care of him during the final months.  We were living in a 2 bedroom apartment at the time.  He was too weak to walk to the bathroom etc so whenever he needed something especially when we were sleeping was to take his cane and bang it on the wall.  Now my husband and his father were very very close.  Everyone always said that the umbilical cord ran from father to son instead of mother to son.  My father in law did pass in December of 1981.  After he passed for the next year and a half that we lived in the apt strange things would happen.  Lamps would turn on by themselves etc and one of my favorite things was my father in law smoked (no he did not have cancer from smoking) and when he was alive just to irate me he would put ashes in the bathroom sink.  So from time to time there were those darn ashes in the sink.  But the part that I did not like that really upset me was,  I would wake up in the middle of the night hearing him banging on the wall with his cane.  No it was not my imagination.   One day my neighbor stopped me in the hall and asked what are you doing banging on the wall in the middle of the night.  It was then I knew I could not take it anymore so we moved into a house.  Nine months later we welcomed our beautiful baby girl Jessica.  Now things started to act up again.  As close as my husband and his dad were we knew he had to come see his granddaughter.  The shades would go up or the front door that was locked and bolted would just open right up.  We would just say hi Bill.  On Jessica's 1st birthday when all of my husbands brothers and sisters were over it happend.  They freaked out but we told them just say hi.  Bill is here visiting.  Jessica talked very early and one day she just stood in the hall and said HI and started laughing and playing and running around with someone.  We figured it was Bill but we were unsure at the time.  It happened quite frequently.  They would play for a while and then she would say bye and it was over.  I asked her who are you talking too and she replied "the man with the horse".  I was like the man with a horse?  When I told my husband he just turns out when my husband was a kid they had a old blind horse that my father in law just loved.  So now we know my father in law and his horse are together again and in my livingroom.  Thank goodness this a ghost horse.  Now Jessica never met her grandfather nor did we have any pictures out anywhere of him.  One day Jessica was looking through the wedding album and she said Grandpa pointing to his picture in our wedding album.  I was shocked and I asked her is that the man with the horse and she said yes.  Now we know for sure he is the one she is playing with.  His visits became less.  He only visited on special occasions or holidays.  Jessica was almost 2 now and one day she was playing with him in the kitchen and she started crying and yelling NO don't go.  I asked what was wrong and she explained he was a sad man and I asked why is he a sad man and she said because he has to go now.  I asked where is he going and she pointed up (I presume he was now going to heaven).  It was his time to go now.  She just stood there and cried and cried.  He was now gone and the activity stopped.  The story does not end there.  When Jessica was 2 we moved into a new home.  The activity in the house started again but Jessica never did see him again.  Lights turn on by themselves and the ashes appear in the sink.  Husband and I take a vacation Jessica is now over 18 so she stays home and while we were gone the activity in the house was really strong.  She was upset but she knew who it was.  One day husband and I were having a argument and the living room light turned on all by itself.  He yells pa knock it off, turn off the light and sure enough the light turned off.  Jessica is now grown and married and the activity in our house has stopped.  But never fear grandpa followed her to her new house where the activity is still happening.  He is not around much anymore since she is grown but when she has children I am sure grandpa will have to meet his great grandchildren.

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