Monday, June 6, 2011

My Grandfather the shoe designer

Good news everyone,  I got a job.  After 2.5 years home  with husband I decided I needed to get out into the world and see new people.  Husband can drive anyone crazy in 5 seconds flat.  I am now working at Sears in the shoe dept.  Yes I said the shoe dept.  I was doing the happy dance.   I mean how perfect is that for me.  First of all I love shoes.  What girl doesn't and second with my grandfather having so many patents for shoe designs and he made custom made shoes for people shoes are in my blood.   For all of you that don't know my grandfather owned several shoe factories in the 30s through the 60s until his death.  His patents came from what I can find out in the early 30s.  He designed and held the patents for the wedge shoe, athletic shoes, nurses shoes and the list goes on and on.  Most of all the shoes we wear today are based on his designs and patents.  The last time I looked Nike now owns the patents for the athletic shoes.  A couple of weeks ago  I was going through a box of old pictures that I didn't even knew I had.  I figure they all belonged to my grandmother.  I had a real treat when I found a stack of pictures of the shoes my grandfather designed.  He took pictures of every shoe he designed.  They aren't the best quality of pictures, but if you would like to see them I will post them.  So by now you are wondering why I am not rich beyond belief....well I will tell you.  I asked my mom that same question and her reply was, all of those patents didn't really mean a lot to my grandfather he figured people were always going to need shoes and he would just design new ones so he sold the patents.  Yes he sold all of the patents so Nike is rich and I am not.  In the end I was the only little 5 year old girl that had custom made red alligator mary jane shoes.  Until my gradfather died I wore custom made shoes.   I still have my shoe lasts.   So I am now going to carry on the family tradition and work in shoes.   It  was meant to be.

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