Friday, July 29, 2011

The Funny For The Day.....I think I saw Michael Jackson

I just realized I haven't posted anything in a week.  Things are pretty slow funny wise so I will give you a old one.  I watched the new show same name which is about a celebrity and a regular person with the same name so I decided to do a celebrity story.   Back around 2005 or so Michael Jackson would visit Disney in different disguises.  One day while we were walking around the park Tigger came out and was dancing around by us and I do mean dancing around.  The classic dance moves were all there.  They were hard to do in full costume but they were being done.  Now when a Disney character comes out to walk around they do have someone with them to help guide them around and to make sure no kid gets over zealous.  As my husband and I watched him we started to look around and there were several security guards with him and I am not talking about the other Disney workers.  It soon became very clear we were watching Michael Jackon dressed as Tigger.  Other people were figuring this out also and they quickly wisked Tigger away.  When we left we asked a Disney person that was there watching if we were indeed watching Michael Jackson.  The person really could not say yes because of the confidentiality thing but the person did say yes is a round about fashion. 

Another celebrity this one goes back to 1987 or so.  We again were at DisneyWorld and daughter and I were standing in line for the Dumbo ride and husband is sitting on the bench under the tree.  There was a women with blonde hair in a pony tail standing in front of us with her daughter.  The women had sunglasses on.  While we were in line we began to talk about stuff.  How is your vacation, you know the normal stuff.  When the ride was over we went over to husband and the man next to him left with the women and child that were in front of us on Dumbo.  My husband says to me do you know who that women was?  I said no and he replied it was Christie Brinkley and I said how do you know and he said because I was sitting with her husband Billy Joel.   They are now divorced.   If you don't know who they are google them.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Funny For The Day........Men...I want I want I want

As promised this is a 2fer.  The second funny for the day.  When we were going to pickup the grand prix from the repair shop my husband stated going on and on about the next car he wants to get.  I want this in the car and I want this in the car and I want this in the car and so on and so on.  I am thinking I guess I am not getting a say so in the next car.  He wants and he wants and he wants.  I finally had enough and said what about what kind of car I he is starting to back pedal and stammering oh I mean what we want.  I told him too late you already dug that hole your in.  I finally told him I really need to divorce you, but who would take you.  I don't think I could give you away Mr I want I want I want.  Men!!!!!!

The Funny For The Day.....A Mouse

Today I have 2 funnies for you. It is a 2fer day.  We took my husbands 95 grand prix in to get serviced because it was alittle slugish and the hood latch was broken so you couldn't open up the hood.  This afternoon the repairman called and said I know what your problem is.  That is always a good sign.   It seems that there was a mouse living in our very expensive top of the line air cleaner.  All of the little nooks and crannies of the air cleaner were filled with seed and food for the mouse.  And he had taken apart other things to make a nice comfortable nest.  Besides using part of it for the bathroom.  The man told us it really really smelled.  I figure that since the car is stored in the garage all winter the mouse had a real comfortable winter home.  My husband does not drive that car too much.  It really is an emergency car.  You see the car belonged to my aunt.  She bought it in 1995 just so she and my mother could drive to Florida to visit with their sister.  My aunt was 86 at the time and my mother was 82.  The sister they were going to visit was 96.  She might have been 86 but she still was a sassy 86.  She stopped driving at 90 so I bought the car.  After the trip to Florida the car was truly the car that was driven by a little old lady to church on Sunday.  Last year we only put 1000 miles on it.  It is now become the collector car.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

They Funny For The Day.....They say it would never last.

This funny comes under the heading "they say it would never last".    You hear it all the time at weddings, oh it will never last.  I am hear to say it has.  Today is my 35th wedding anniversay and we are still going strong.  Now you are going to ask me what is the success to a happy marriage.  There are the classics that all marriages need to have,  Love, Faith, Trust and Truth.  In my case there are serveral more.   I need to have a good sense of humor because my husband can be a little crazy at times. Ok he is alot crazy.  Example....our house had a car and a half garage and my husband hated it so one day I came home from work and found that he took the chain saw right up the middle of the garage and knocked out the side wall.  Our garage is now 1 car with a patio.  Here is another example one day when I came home for lunch from work (its Friday) my husband said how would you like to go to Florida I said sure (we live in Wisconsin) he said ok lets go now.  I am like what?  I called my boss and asked for the rest of the day off and I packed a few things and we drove to Florida Disneyworld for the weekend.  We drove straight through went to Disney for the weekend and turned around and drove straight back so I could be at work Monday morning.  Oh to be that young again.  Now we drive with a big dog and 2 cats so driving straight through is not a option anymore.  You get the picture when I say he is crazy and you have to have a sense of humor.  The old saying don't sweat the small stuff is true.  There is going to be many, many major things going on over the years that the small stuff doesn't mean a thing.  When the things get out of control and you think you cannot take it for a minute longer sit back and remember why you fell in love with your spouse and think would your life be better without that person.   How would you feel without that other person in your life.  You might suprise yourself.  So I will end this with Happy Anniversay Honey.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Funny For The Day (who's bright idea was this?)

This funny comes under the heading....Who's bright idea was this.  The other day I am driving on I94 which is the main freeway when I look up and see about a dozen people jumping out of a airplane.  Now I am driving along and realize that some of the people the way they were floating looked like they could come down on the highway.  At one point the one sky divers parachute was actually sideways.  Now keep in mind this is the freeway where people drive about 80 miles an hour.  Now I am driving (slowed way down) because I am watching the skydivers in the sky when it hits I stupid or what I am watching the skydivers instead of watching the road.  I turned to look at the car next to me and again to look at the car on the other side of me and they were all looking up in the sky instead of looking at the road.  Everybody was mesmerized by the skydivers.  Now I am thinking who's bright idea was this to have all of these people skydive over the freeway.  This is a accident waiting to happen.  This morning I heard on the news that the skydivers are going to try and set a new worlds records today for the most people over the age of 50 jumping out of the airplane at once in formation.  They say about 49 people were going to jump and again this is over the freeway.  I will not be on the freeway at this time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Funny For The Day....Baggy Pants

Hi everyone I do apologize for not giving you a funny for the week but my computer died.  I turned it on one day and nothing.  It was dead.  No hopes for recovery it was dead so I had to go buy a new computer so now I am back.

The funny for the day is I saw this guy the other day and yes you would call him one of the boyz from the hood a gang banger.  So you know how he was dressed...pants down to the knees and baggy enough for 2 people to wear etc.  He was walking his 2 pit bulls on one of those Y leashes.  Now the male dog decided he wanted to go in a different direction than the direction he was walking.  Those dogs are very strong and he was pulling that guy all over the place and the guy walking him could not control him.  So with his pants down to his knees walking correctly is not really a option.  He looked more like a drunken sailor on a ship on the high seas during a storm.  As funny as that was to watch and mind you I am laughing my A.. off,  but what made this picture even funnier was this guy was carring a plastic poop bag.  In this city we have a law if the dog poops you scoop.  So this guy that thought he was a tough gang banger really just looked like a fool.  But on the good side I guess this guy cared for his dogs because he did have the poop bag.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Catlady531 on Etsy has now added the 10 dollar shoe sandal sale

Hi I just wanted to let everyone know that catlady531 on Etsy has just added the 10 dollar shoe sandal sale.  Besides dresses she has now added the shoes and sandals.  Under seller catlady531 in her search put in 10 dollar sale to see all of the great items for 10 dollars.  Nothing beats a 10 dollar sale.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Funny For The Day.....How Stupid Can You Be.

This funny for the day is about....How stupid can you be.   Today I went to the grocery store (Pick N Save) because I needed to pickup a few things but I also needed dog biscuits.  Now mind you the dog biscuits are $3.87 at Pick N Save and $2.50 at Walmart.  But Walmart is on the other side of town so I figured it was a wash considering the high price of gas.  When I was checking out at Pick N Save the cashier said to me you saved 60 cents today.  I said not really considering prices at Walmart prices are alot cheaper.  Dog biscuits are $2.50 at Walmart and yours are $3.87 so I saved nothing.  The clerk said some of their prices are alot higher than ours.  I said No....and she replied yes they are "there bagged ice is more expensive than ours".  Really just think about what you said.  Grocery prices are going up and we need to save where ever we can and the only example you can give me your bagged ice is cheaper.  We need to eat.  I do have a refrigerator that makes ice.  Idiot,  how stupid can you be.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Funny For The Day....What happends when fireworks get out of control.

Today is the 4th of July and this funny is a reminder what not to do with fireworks.  Back when we lived in the other house daughter was about 2 and we were out for a walk.  Down the street some kids were playing with bottle rockets.  They shot one up in the air but it did not go up it went sideways and right into the neighbors bushes.  The rocket started the bushes on fire and to make matters even worse the homeowners had just finished staining the wood on the house.  So needless to say the whole front of their house went up in flames.  It did a lot of damage to the house.  There were no injuries.  Those boys were scared to death when they had to confess to the the fireman, policeman, neighbors and their parents.  So this 4th of July be careful when using fireworks.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Funny For The Day........Big Dog Little Dog.

The other day I went over to daughters house and picked up little dog so I could do doggie day care.  Since it was a gorgeous day out and both my daughter and her husband work full time I like to get little dog out so she can also enjoy the beautiful day instead of being stuck in the house all day.  Little dog is 10 months old and weighs about 8 pounds.  Now I have a big dog.  He is 10 years old and about 58 pounds.  Little dog likes to run and run and then play hide and go seek.  For little dog that means running under big dog and hiding under him.  Little dog is part minature dashhound so she fits perfectly under big dog when he is standing up.  Big dog stands there and looks around and around as if to say...where did she go.  Little dog then pops out from under him which really freaks him out.  It is a funny sight to see.  When daughter came to pickup her little dog she put her on the retractable leash to leave.  When they were leaving  little dog ran back to big dog jumped up and put her paws around his neck as if to give him a hug goodbye.  Ok they are trying to leave again and again little dog ran back to big dog to give him another hug.  This went on 6 times before big dog finally had enough and it was like (if he could talk) come on kid let me walk you to the gate.  When he did that all went well and little dog went home.  It was the cutest funniest thing to see and once again another missed opportunity of taking a video of this.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Funny For The Day...............The Worst Date Ever.

Today on the way to work I heard on the radio that the group Styx was going to be playing at Summerfest tonight.  Boy did that bring back memories.  This funny happened in about 1972.  This is a story of the worst date ever.  It was not funny then, but now that I look back on it, it really gives me a good laugh.   Back in 1972 I worked for a department store and this guy use to come in every day and ask me out.  He was not my type at all and really a creepy little fella.  After weeks of his asking the only way I was going to get rid of this guy was to say yes.  Ok I will go out with you.  He asked, do you want to go out to dinner then Styx is playing in town so lets go to the concert.  Sounds great I said....but wait his car is not working so would I mind driving. Flag No 1.  I should have seen the red flags that this date was going to be a nightmare.   Now I go and pick him up at his parents house. Flag no 2.  His mom lets me in the house but I had to stay in the backhall.  Flag No 3.   We get into my car and I said where do you want to go to dinner and he replied, Oh I just ate but I guess we could go to McDonalds if you are hungry.  Flag No 4 and buy now I want to push this guy out of my car.  I said no thats ok lets just go to the Styx concert.  We get there and he runs into a male friend of his.  They start talking and talking.  By now this idiot has forgotten he has a date.  We go inside to the concert and its good.  I am basically sitting there by myself while my date and his friend are talking and talking.  It seems his friend was having a crisis of some sort.  You are a creepy nerd thats your problem.  Finally I could not take it for one more second so I decide to leave.  When I finally got my dates attention I told him I am out of here.  Since I drove him the least I could do was tell him I was leaving.  The idiot insisted on walking me to my car and when we got to my car he had the nerve to ask me for a kiss goodnight.  Kiss him!!!!! I wanted to hit him with my purse.  (I am being nice when I say I wanted to hit him with my purse).  I never got into my car or drove off so fast in my whole life.  Yes the guy still came into the store but he knew better than to ever talk to me again.  So in the end after about 39 years have now passed I can laugh about it.  So it is now the Funny For The Day and under the heading the worst date ever.