Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Funny For The Day.....How Stupid Can You Be.

This funny for the day is about....How stupid can you be.   Today I went to the grocery store (Pick N Save) because I needed to pickup a few things but I also needed dog biscuits.  Now mind you the dog biscuits are $3.87 at Pick N Save and $2.50 at Walmart.  But Walmart is on the other side of town so I figured it was a wash considering the high price of gas.  When I was checking out at Pick N Save the cashier said to me you saved 60 cents today.  I said not really considering prices at Walmart prices are alot cheaper.  Dog biscuits are $2.50 at Walmart and yours are $3.87 so I saved nothing.  The clerk said some of their prices are alot higher than ours.  I said No....and she replied yes they are "there bagged ice is more expensive than ours".  Really just think about what you said.  Grocery prices are going up and we need to save where ever we can and the only example you can give me your bagged ice is cheaper.  We need to eat.  I do have a refrigerator that makes ice.  Idiot,  how stupid can you be.

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