Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Funny For The Day (who's bright idea was this?)

This funny comes under the heading....Who's bright idea was this.  The other day I am driving on I94 which is the main freeway when I look up and see about a dozen people jumping out of a airplane.  Now I am driving along and realize that some of the people the way they were floating looked like they could come down on the highway.  At one point the one sky divers parachute was actually sideways.  Now keep in mind this is the freeway where people drive about 80 miles an hour.  Now I am driving (slowed way down) because I am watching the skydivers in the sky when it hits I stupid or what I am watching the skydivers instead of watching the road.  I turned to look at the car next to me and again to look at the car on the other side of me and they were all looking up in the sky instead of looking at the road.  Everybody was mesmerized by the skydivers.  Now I am thinking who's bright idea was this to have all of these people skydive over the freeway.  This is a accident waiting to happen.  This morning I heard on the news that the skydivers are going to try and set a new worlds records today for the most people over the age of 50 jumping out of the airplane at once in formation.  They say about 49 people were going to jump and again this is over the freeway.  I will not be on the freeway at this time.

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