Friday, July 1, 2011

The Funny For The Day...............The Worst Date Ever.

Today on the way to work I heard on the radio that the group Styx was going to be playing at Summerfest tonight.  Boy did that bring back memories.  This funny happened in about 1972.  This is a story of the worst date ever.  It was not funny then, but now that I look back on it, it really gives me a good laugh.   Back in 1972 I worked for a department store and this guy use to come in every day and ask me out.  He was not my type at all and really a creepy little fella.  After weeks of his asking the only way I was going to get rid of this guy was to say yes.  Ok I will go out with you.  He asked, do you want to go out to dinner then Styx is playing in town so lets go to the concert.  Sounds great I said....but wait his car is not working so would I mind driving. Flag No 1.  I should have seen the red flags that this date was going to be a nightmare.   Now I go and pick him up at his parents house. Flag no 2.  His mom lets me in the house but I had to stay in the backhall.  Flag No 3.   We get into my car and I said where do you want to go to dinner and he replied, Oh I just ate but I guess we could go to McDonalds if you are hungry.  Flag No 4 and buy now I want to push this guy out of my car.  I said no thats ok lets just go to the Styx concert.  We get there and he runs into a male friend of his.  They start talking and talking.  By now this idiot has forgotten he has a date.  We go inside to the concert and its good.  I am basically sitting there by myself while my date and his friend are talking and talking.  It seems his friend was having a crisis of some sort.  You are a creepy nerd thats your problem.  Finally I could not take it for one more second so I decide to leave.  When I finally got my dates attention I told him I am out of here.  Since I drove him the least I could do was tell him I was leaving.  The idiot insisted on walking me to my car and when we got to my car he had the nerve to ask me for a kiss goodnight.  Kiss him!!!!! I wanted to hit him with my purse.  (I am being nice when I say I wanted to hit him with my purse).  I never got into my car or drove off so fast in my whole life.  Yes the guy still came into the store but he knew better than to ever talk to me again.  So in the end after about 39 years have now passed I can laugh about it.  So it is now the Funny For The Day and under the heading the worst date ever.

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