Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Funny For The Day....Baggy Pants

Hi everyone I do apologize for not giving you a funny for the week but my computer died.  I turned it on one day and nothing.  It was dead.  No hopes for recovery it was dead so I had to go buy a new computer so now I am back.

The funny for the day is I saw this guy the other day and yes you would call him one of the boyz from the hood a gang banger.  So you know how he was dressed...pants down to the knees and baggy enough for 2 people to wear etc.  He was walking his 2 pit bulls on one of those Y leashes.  Now the male dog decided he wanted to go in a different direction than the direction he was walking.  Those dogs are very strong and he was pulling that guy all over the place and the guy walking him could not control him.  So with his pants down to his knees walking correctly is not really a option.  He looked more like a drunken sailor on a ship on the high seas during a storm.  As funny as that was to watch and mind you I am laughing my A.. off,  but what made this picture even funnier was this guy was carring a plastic poop bag.  In this city we have a law if the dog poops you scoop.  So this guy that thought he was a tough gang banger really just looked like a fool.  But on the good side I guess this guy cared for his dogs because he did have the poop bag.

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