Friday, July 29, 2011

The Funny For The Day.....I think I saw Michael Jackson

I just realized I haven't posted anything in a week.  Things are pretty slow funny wise so I will give you a old one.  I watched the new show same name which is about a celebrity and a regular person with the same name so I decided to do a celebrity story.   Back around 2005 or so Michael Jackson would visit Disney in different disguises.  One day while we were walking around the park Tigger came out and was dancing around by us and I do mean dancing around.  The classic dance moves were all there.  They were hard to do in full costume but they were being done.  Now when a Disney character comes out to walk around they do have someone with them to help guide them around and to make sure no kid gets over zealous.  As my husband and I watched him we started to look around and there were several security guards with him and I am not talking about the other Disney workers.  It soon became very clear we were watching Michael Jackon dressed as Tigger.  Other people were figuring this out also and they quickly wisked Tigger away.  When we left we asked a Disney person that was there watching if we were indeed watching Michael Jackson.  The person really could not say yes because of the confidentiality thing but the person did say yes is a round about fashion. 

Another celebrity this one goes back to 1987 or so.  We again were at DisneyWorld and daughter and I were standing in line for the Dumbo ride and husband is sitting on the bench under the tree.  There was a women with blonde hair in a pony tail standing in front of us with her daughter.  The women had sunglasses on.  While we were in line we began to talk about stuff.  How is your vacation, you know the normal stuff.  When the ride was over we went over to husband and the man next to him left with the women and child that were in front of us on Dumbo.  My husband says to me do you know who that women was?  I said no and he replied it was Christie Brinkley and I said how do you know and he said because I was sitting with her husband Billy Joel.   They are now divorced.   If you don't know who they are google them.

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