Sunday, July 17, 2011

They Funny For The Day.....They say it would never last.

This funny comes under the heading "they say it would never last".    You hear it all the time at weddings, oh it will never last.  I am hear to say it has.  Today is my 35th wedding anniversay and we are still going strong.  Now you are going to ask me what is the success to a happy marriage.  There are the classics that all marriages need to have,  Love, Faith, Trust and Truth.  In my case there are serveral more.   I need to have a good sense of humor because my husband can be a little crazy at times. Ok he is alot crazy.  Example....our house had a car and a half garage and my husband hated it so one day I came home from work and found that he took the chain saw right up the middle of the garage and knocked out the side wall.  Our garage is now 1 car with a patio.  Here is another example one day when I came home for lunch from work (its Friday) my husband said how would you like to go to Florida I said sure (we live in Wisconsin) he said ok lets go now.  I am like what?  I called my boss and asked for the rest of the day off and I packed a few things and we drove to Florida Disneyworld for the weekend.  We drove straight through went to Disney for the weekend and turned around and drove straight back so I could be at work Monday morning.  Oh to be that young again.  Now we drive with a big dog and 2 cats so driving straight through is not a option anymore.  You get the picture when I say he is crazy and you have to have a sense of humor.  The old saying don't sweat the small stuff is true.  There is going to be many, many major things going on over the years that the small stuff doesn't mean a thing.  When the things get out of control and you think you cannot take it for a minute longer sit back and remember why you fell in love with your spouse and think would your life be better without that person.   How would you feel without that other person in your life.  You might suprise yourself.  So I will end this with Happy Anniversay Honey.

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