Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Funny For The Day....The butcher wants to give me a free deodorant coupon

Today I went to my Pick N Save grocery store to buy some Oscar Mayer black label bacon.  I looked at the package and it was expired.  So I looked at the next package and the next.  It turned out all of the packages 1 whole case of bacon was expired and they were kind of turning colors.  I told the butcher about the expired bacon and he said he would check on it.  He then said to me I will give you a coupon for a free Tussy deodorant if you don't say anything.   I was like WHAT...he explained that he just won a free Tussy deodorant coupon on the stores monopoly game and if I don't tell anyone about the expired bacon he will give me the free coupon.  Oh what the heck I took the free coupon.  The main butcher heard what I said and came out and was looking at all of the bacon.  He was really really mad.  This was a whole case of bacon that had expired.  They never even sold 1 package of bacon.  The people that shop at this store buy the cheaper bacon not the expensive stuff so they won't be carrying my bacon anymore.  Ok back to the coupon I am getting ready to leave after talking with the main butcher when the coupon pusher tells me do not go through Punky's checkout because she is a real stickler for details and if she finds out where I got this free coupon...I think someone would be loosing his job.   I just stood there and shook my head and handed the butcher back his coupon.  I said I really do not think a free coupon is worth the trouble.  He then said thank you I will give the coupon to my mom. 

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