Thursday, August 18, 2011

Old Lady Say WHAT

Today I went bumming so when I do I go to the thrift shop.  I don't need anything but it is sure fun to walk around and look at the stuff.  When I was checking out I was talking to the old lady behind me.  It turns out she will be 80 in a couple of weeks.  When we were standing in line a policeman walked in the door and said...did anybody see a man in a white tee shirt and wearing a yellow baseball cap his nationality unknown.  Now when I am in the zone shopping at the thrift shop Brad Pitt could stand next to me and I wouldn't notice.   Now the senior lady standing behind me says to the cop...Was He Good Looking?  I am like Old Lady Say What.  The policeman gave her such a dirty look and turned around and walked out the door. 

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