Wednesday, September 14, 2011

catlady531 on Etsy has a cute Eagle's Eye cat sweater

I have just found one of the cutest sweaters ever for the cat lover.  It is a vintage 80s Eagle's Eye pink applique knit sweater featuring cats.  My favorite is the frisky little kitty trying to get the fish in the fish bowl.  Now this brings me to a story.  My daughter has a cat.  He really is a strange cat.  He does not like to drink water at all, so he rarely does.  My daughter has now bought a beta fish and every day she would notice the water in the bowl was getting real low.  Everyday she would put in new water and everynight when she came home from work the water in the bowl was low again.  Then one day she noticed the cat up on the bookshelf drinking the water in the fish bowl.  Pardon the pun he is drinking  like a fish.  Oh she still puts out his own water dish but he still prefers to drink out of the fish bowl.  No he does not try to catch the fish.  He only wants the water.  I guess he only likes fish flavored water.  I would post a picture of her cat but since he does not like me I have only seen him once in 5 years.  So I will post a picture of the sweater.

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