Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Funny For The Day........The cat has finally come out of her shell.

This is Mally (I did not name her) we have had her now 4  years.  She was a feral stray hanging around sister-in-laws house.  The poor little cat was eating bird seed to survive.  My sister-in-law finally caught her and brought her in the house, but she already had 9 cats at the time so that is how I got her.  She was extremely shy and hid all of the time.   She really is quite a goof and as dumb as a box of rocks.  As my daughter says the light is on but nobodys home.  Because she was eating bird seed she had some health issues but we were not prepared for what we found out.  First of all she has short little legs and a short little tail.  She is a dwarf cat.  Her pushed in face and not being smart at all and with the vet examination she has downs syndrome.  When we went on vacation we boarded her at the vet so she could be spayed.   We were at DisneyWorld on the Carousel Of Progress ride when my cellphone rang.  It was the vet in the middle of surgery so I had to take the call.  He was in the middle of surgery when he realized that my little girl cat was also a little boy cat.  Yes that is right she is a hermaphrodite and because this was now going to be a costly surgery did I want to go ahead with it.  Well of course I did.  She is now written up in the cat medical journal. Surgery now done and the cat is still goofy but it explains alot.  So for 4 years now this cat has been this extremely shy cat who comes out about once a day comes by for her daily pet then goes back into hiding. Oh I forgot to mention she does not meow, she just squeaks.  Now I have been doing doggie day care once a week for my daughters little dog for 5 months now.  It is a chance for her little dog and my big dog to play for the day.  Now little dog is the same size as Mally cat.  Mally cat has now taken into chasing little dog around and around the house.  She is out from hiding and sits on your lap or in my case my neck when I am laying down in the lazyboy chair.  She has has to be with you all of the time.  It is a constant pet me pet me pet me.  It is like she has 4 years to makeup for.  It is the funniest thing.   It has taken 4 years but she has finally come out of her shell and is starting to act like a normal cat.     

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