Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Funny for the Day.......You can't write it in Chinese

Today I went to the post office and it always amazes me how some people really do not understand how to send a package.   This women wanted to send a package to China and she had the label on the package all written out in Chinese characters.  The lady behind the counter explained it has to be written in English.  The customer explained the package is going to someone that is Chinese.  Post office lady said I know but the package is now in the United States and they can't read Chinese.  The customer is like but customs will be able to read it.  Post Office yes the customs in China will be able to read it but not the customs in the US.  This went on back and forth for sometime.  The post office lady was trying to be very careful in what she was saying to the lady as to not offend her because she was also Chinese.  She finally came right out and said you will have to put it in english or else we cannot send it.  Customer....but there is no translation for this.  It is all characters.  My business was done so I left.  Did the women ever mail her package to China, I do not know.  Maybe she should go to google translation.

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