Wednesday, September 28, 2011

John & Marlena back on Days Of Our Lives....all is right in the world again

I am so excited.  John and Marlena are back on Days Of Our Lives.  I have been watching DOOL for over 35 years.  I started when I first started working and had an hour lunch.  I lived real close so I could come home everyday for lunch.  My husband is the one that got me started on DOOL.  He started watching when he was in college so he has been watching closer to 40 years.  He worked his class schedule around DOOL.  I still love Days but something was missing.  It just wasn't the same without Doc and John.  Yesterday they both returned along with Carrie and Austin.  Oh I suppose we can't forget Jack.  When they were reminiscing about Alice and Tom it brought a tear to my eye.   All I can say is the world is right again.  Good going DOOL for bringing them back.

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