Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feral kitten running loose in the garage

Well,  I came back from picking up the large cage to put the little feral kitten in and went into the garage to look at the little kitten.  To my suprise the little kitten had caught himself a mole and was getting ready to eat it.  Since moles are blind, I figure it walked into the cage and the little guy killed him.  I am very happy to learn he has already learned to hunt.  I got the new large cage all setup with the food, water, blanket and the necessary kitty potty.  I opened the trap door very slow and got it positioned just right in the big cage.  He flew out of the trap and passed me so fast I did not know what happened.  I now have this little black kitten running or I should say hiding in my garage.  Daughter and I searched for a half an hour and could not find him.  We are hoping he did not go up into the rafters of the garage.  There is no way out of the garage so he is in there somewhere.  I have now reset the trap with the food in it in hopes I can retrap him.  I really think he is now too smart for that and since the garage has an endless supply of mice and moles I will never catch him.  I will check on him in the morning. 

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