Wednesday, October 26, 2011

free is not good enough 1940s willet maple early american couch and chair

Ok here it goes,  my parents had a beautiful 1940s willet maple early american couch and chair.  Mom had the cushions recovered in the 70s.  Then it was in style now it is just plain ugly.  Oh wait the 70s look is back in.  The wood is beautiful the cushions have no stains or holes etc.  Its only fault the cushions are ugly,  but they can be recovered.  I really need to get rid of this set because I need the room.  I called the St Vincents DePaul people and they came to pick up the items.  They looked at it and said no.  It was too ugly and no one wants early american.  The willet maple is collectible.  Ok I am giving this set away for free and because people that are in need of furniture won't take it because it is early american.  What is wrong with people.  People that are in need of items are being picky.  What it won't go with their decor inside their cardboard box.  Screw it,  I guess I will not donate anything more.  If you need a couch and chair I guess you are out of luck because you are being too picky. 

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