Thursday, October 27, 2011

I have a little feral kitten cat living behind my garage

There was 3 very tiny feral kittens living in my backyard behind the garage.  I tried and tried to catch them and sadly I am now down to 1 little black kitten.  I think I know what happened to the mother.  About a month ago she was living the next block with her babies and someone got mad and called the humane society.  Why they call it a humane society is beyond me because as soon as they pickup a animal, if they feel it is not adoptable or even if it is, it is now a dead dog or cat.   They came and got the mother and 2 of the babies, but they did not know was that there were 3 more babies.  The babies ended up behind my garage and because they are feral I did not want to feed them.   But I gave in and fed them.  The tiny tiny little one did not make it.  The other disapeared 2 days ago.  Now I have the 1 little black cat left.  I can't really take it in as I already have 2 cats and 1 big dog but I am not going to leave it out there.  So I got a trap so I could catch it. 

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