Thursday, October 27, 2011

I have trapped the feral kitten

Well gang,  I caught the  little black kitten in the trap.  It did not take long.  It is little and wide eyed as if to say,  oh what mess did I get myself into.  I have it in the garage with a bowl of food and water.  I am going to Gloria's house (sister-in-law) and get a cage to put it into (so I can bring it in the house)  until it can become a little tame.  I am hoping that I got it in time before it became too feral.  If it is a boy I think I will name it Will Ferrell (get it).  I took Malley cat out to the garge to see the little one.  Mind you Malley cat is also black and when I sat Malley down next to the cage it was too cute.  The kittens eyes got real big and it meowed and came over to side of the cage.  It looked at Malley like Mommie?   It seemed real happy to see Mommie.  Well, Malley gave that deep moan to the kitten and the kitten backed up sad and heart broken.    I will keep you updated on the kittens progress.  

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