Saturday, October 29, 2011

My feral kitten cat....................update

This morning I went into the garage to check on the trap and as luck would have it, the little kitten was in the trap.  He had eaten all of the food.   I wanted to get the trap up off the floor because it is cold in the garage.  I put the trap inside of the large cage and added new food and water.  I also covered the cage with a old heavy wool army blanket.  He is now doing ok.   I had to go to a fashion show this afternoon so he was on his own to get use to his new surroundings.   When I came back to check on him he started to meow at me right away and HE WAS PURRING at me real loud.  I am now doing the dance of joy.  He has now figured out that I am not going to hurt him and I am only trying to help him.  I tied twisty ties around the top nice and tight so he can not get out again.  I placed the kitty potty in the cage along with alot of towels for a bed and the food and water.  Now came the big challenge, to get him into the large cage.  With husbands help when we opened the trap door and he very calmly walked into the large cage.   He went right to the kitty potty and flopped down in it and started rolling all around and around.  The kitty potty made him happy.  He then preceded to do his business.  Yeah!  he knows about the kitty potty.  We again put the blanket around the cage for warmth and secured it down with bricks.  This cat is not going to get out of the cage.  We also turned on the heat lamps in the garage so he won't be cold.  (Instead of the normal lights in the garage they are heat lamps for the winter to keep the car warm)  The car is not in the garage at this time.  I did just check in on him and he is doing ok.  I did buy flea spray today for kittens because I do have to deflea him before he comes in the house.  Since he was born outside who knows what he has.  Tomorrow should be fun as that is the day we are bringing him in the house.  He should be calm down enough for being in the house now.  If he is adjusting ok and all is going well, I will have to take him to the vet this week for a checkup and make sure he doesn't have worms, etc.   With my other cat just having surgery this week, that bill was around $600.00 ouch!!! this new cats vet visit is not going to be easy on my budget.  If you are a cat lover and would like to help with the vet bills,  please check out catlady531 on etsy and see if there is something you could use or want.  I can use all of the help I can get right now.   Thank you and I hope you are enjoying reading about my little feral kitten cat.          

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