Sunday, October 30, 2011

My feral kitten................update

The baby kitten is in the house now.  In fact, I just wrapped her in a soft towel and carried her in.  She, I now believe she is a girl and she is so very small.  I first guessed she was 10 weeks old but in fact she is much younger.   When she saw Wicket my older female cat she just started meowing like crazy.   She really needs her mother, but as I told you before, her mother was picked up by the humane society as she was a stray or feral.  Her sibiling are gone also.  I feel so bad for her.  She is going to have a bath as she really really stinks.  Sleeping in leaves and dirt etc has not made her smell so pretty.  Besides the fact she slept in the cat pan all night.  She has now figured out what the towels are for so she is sleeping in them.   Her ears smell so she probably also has ear mites.  Her feet are crusted with crap, oh she really needs a bath.  I am going to attempt a bath later on when she gets more settled and her body temp adjusts to being in the house.  I need suggestions. 

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