Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nancy's Funny Life Stories......You broke your arm how?

Todays funny is about a friend of my Aunt Mildred's named Sylvia.   Picture it,  the year is about 1950 and Marshall Field's in Chicago had pay toilets.  Yes there was a time when you had to pay 10 cents to use the toilet in department stores.  My Aunt Mildred and her friend Sylvia were shopping at Fields in Chicago when they had to use the restroom.  My Aunt paid her 10 cents and into the toilet she went.  Her friend Sylvia was too cheap to spend the 10 cents so she decided to crawl underneath the stall door.  When she was crawling underneath the door she slipped breaking her arm.  For the next 50 years my Aunt and her friend had a good laugh at how she broke her arm,  crawling under the door in a pay toilet.   P.S...... Sylvia was a surgical nurse at Wesley Memorial Hospital in Chicago and served in the US Navy with my Aunt. 

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