Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Funny For The Day..................How not to cook a turkey

Picture it, the year is about 1965 and our neighbor lady was cooking her Thanksgiving turkey on the front porch.  She was using one of those old bbq grills that you could attach a rotating spit and the turkey would turn.  Now the front porch had a low overhang and every time the turkey would turn  the grease would hit the coals and shoot up a huge flame.  I stood there and watched the flames get higher and higher.  I told her this is not a good idea, this is going to cause a fire.  She told me, it is going to be fine, and I told her no and she said IT'S FINE.  Remember I am about 12 and what does a 12 year old know.  Sure enough on one of the turns the flames shot up the turkey basically burst into flames and started the overhang on the porch on fire.  One of her sons who was my age and I were watching as she starts screaming help!!! I yelled to her get some baking soda to put out the fire.  She told her son get the baking soda and instead of putting it on the grill, she poured it all over the turkey.  Yes the baking soda stopped the fire, but it also killed the turkey.  No turkey dinner for the Smith family.  (Name changed to protect the stupid)

Moral of the story...........never cook a turkey on a porch with a low overhang and listen to kids once in awhile they might be smarter than you. 

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