Friday, November 18, 2011

The Funny For The Day.........................Who is in the nursing home with mother

This is my own personal funny.   When my mother was in the nursing home she use to tell me about this one lady that would sing for the other residents.  This lady was a resident in the same nursing home as my mother.  Mother said she had a really good voice and was a good entertainer.  I did not know her name but mother would talk about her all of the time.  One day I asked mother who is that lady and she replied she was one of Elvis's backup singers.  I am like WHAT....she sang with Elvis Presley? Oh yes, mother replied and you should see her scrap book and pictures of Elvis etc.    Ok what is she doing here in this nursing home.  Of course we don't know.  I asked mom's care giver about this and she replied, yes it is true.  She was one of Elvis's backup singers.  I never did get to meet her or see her albums.  You never know who you will meet. 

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