Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My feral baby kitten..............now I have 2

The good news of the day is the other baby kitten, the little gray fluffy one is still alive.  Since I hadn't seen it in 2 weeks I thought it had passed.  Since she was very hungry it only took 15 minutes to trap.  It took her longer how to figure to get into the trap.  She really is a cutie.  I didn't bother to leave her in the garage for several days, I first brought the trap into the house so she could see her sister and they were very happy to see one another.  I then took the trap back out to the garage and opened it up and poured her out right into the towel where I wrapped her up nice and secure.  I then just brought her into the house and put her into the large cage.  After she ate up the original dish of food she went after the other one.  The two little kittens are now snuggling up to each other like they did outside.  Happy Day.   I will wait until later on this afternoon and attempt to give her a bath and a flea spray.  Check for ear mites etc.  She is rather scruffy looking.

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