Friday, November 4, 2011

My feral kittens............Mickey and Minnie need medical attention

Minnie is doing better everyday in becoming a house cat.  Minnie still hisses.  We are stating to think she does not know how to meow.  Her hissing is her meowing.  At least she is getting better when she gets startled.  She is kitty farting less.  She needs medical attention also.  Mickey is all boy.  The arms are still wild with the claws out and he does not want to be held.  But the funny thing is, when he is sitting in the cage he likes to watch me on the computer and then he just starts purring and purring.  He really is not doing a good job on trying to act like a tough cat.  He also likes the dog and is very interested in him.  Minnie does not think too much of the big dog.   Both Minnie and Mickey have health issues that need to be seen by a vet, but since that is not at all in the budget..........Mickey is just bones on the upper portion of this body.  His stomach is huge.  It either means he has worms. (I have seen no evidence of that)  or he is suffering from malnutrition.  Which is quite possible since I don't think he ate for weeks before I caught him.  He has been eating like a pig so it is either or.   There are no free animal clinics and I even called the humane society to see if they would help.  At least a free checkup or something but no.  I know it is alot to ask.  I even asked them about doing a checkup etc and then I will foster them until they are ready to be adopted and again the answer was no.    I am hoping for more sales on Etsy so I can get these little kittens the medical attention they need.  Please checkout my Etsy page.

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